Logistics services

We offer migration of secondary activities up to realization and coordination of whole logistics chain management (outsourcing) to our company in a form of comprehensive logistics services to all, who are motivated to focus their company on its core business with an emphasis on cost optimization during their endeavors in the Czech Republic.

Services we provide:

  • Storage
  • Loading, unloading
  • Quantitative control of consignments contents
  • Items quality control (in accordance with customers requirements and training)
  • Deconsolidation of goods
  • Consolidation of goods
  • Packaging management including account management
  • Product fixating packaging (wrapping, strapping, custom packaging, etc.)
  • Inventory (system, physical)
  • Bar code based data collection system
  • Insurance of received goods
  • System of material flow adjustable according to customer’s needs
  • Complete e-commerce solutions

Warehouse fill rate

RLC Pisek - in 90%
RLC Pisek - out 96%
RDC - in 25%
RDC - out 0%
Additional leased space 65%

RLC Pisek is A-graded warehouse situated in the industrial zone in Pisek- South Bohemia. It has 5 loading / unloading docs, 1 ramp and can provide up to 4 000 m2 of inside warehousing space. It is mainly used for automotive industry with capabilities of consignment warehousing for Faurecia, S.N.O.P, Aisin, ADVICS, Heyco, Schneider Electrics or any other company present in the region.

RDC Pisek is situated at the southern end of Pisek. It has 6 loading / unloading docs, 1 ramp. More details about this facility will be added soon.

APP warehouse is located right at the main airport in Prague and fulfills the role of buffer warehouse for our air shipments.

We can provide additional warehousing facilities of variable size and location depending on clients requirments. Kindly contact us to find out more.


Our warehouses are protected by fire sensors


Our warehouses are monitored by CCTV 24/7


We guarantee min 16°C temperature

Portal crane

We havea portal crane able to lift up to 12,5t


We are open 24/7 including bank holidays


Our humidity complies with automotive standards


All goods stored are 100% insured

High stack

We can stack piles up to 7m of hight


Our EDI can provide custom e-commerce solutions

We are members of MAENTIVA

RLC on the Map

Contact Details

You can reach us via below listed details

  • St. Maliny 464, Pisek 397 01
  • 00420-382-200-213
  • 00420-382-200-213
  • info@css-spedition.cz
  • www.css-spedition.cz